Online is better than no event. 

Our clients like to stress how passionate our team is when it comes to events. The truth is our blood boils when we are on site, creating extraordinary experiences. Our new challenge is creating memorable events, online. Even though they were not so fashionable before the COVID pandemic, organizing an online event is a good way to show your audience that you care. 

It is a change of perspective, but it’s a whole new and exciting journey. We’ve discovered this passion by providing technical assistance to the first ever online WordPress Camp Europe conference, which took place in June 2020. 

How can we help you create and organize an online event? 

Online event planning and execution 

Our team consists of professionals from different domains of industry and we closely collaborate with numerous event management consultants. This is why we can help you from the phase one of your event planning. Depending on your needs, we can also handle the execution of your online event and manage the follow up materials. 

Technical support

You’ve already done the planning, but you are not sure which platform to use or where and how to stream talks? You would like to try online workshops, but don’t know how?

By having the Production Pool team as technical support for your event, none of these questions should trouble you, we’d be happy to answer them all. 

Consultancy services 

This type of services is for those clients who know exactly the format of the online event they want to organize, which platform they want to use and are in need of a consultancy partner. We know that even in these cases, where clients have a well thought out plan, something was just not in their sight.