Keeping everything in house. 

If we’d have to make a list of our services, that this would be a short one: 

Creative development and consulting

Whether you already have the concept, or you need an idea, we are there for you to make it happen. Creating from scratch, or just consulting along the way, we firmly believe that every event is a unique experience to inspire your audience.

Event planning, 3D modeling, and visualization

The first step in the event production process is an event planning, followed by visualization. Once we agree on the basics such as concept, design, budgeting, timelines, and activities, we proceed to full 3D visualization of your event. Many people find it hard to imagine what their event is going to look like, so we deliver the 3D renders and mockups of all the crucial elements.

Design: graphic, stage, scenography, branding, interior, light, sound

Today we have many different kinds of design, but simply put – we design everything!

We are always happy to create something new, but we also enjoy applying existing design and client materials in a new and original way.

Event organization, production, and management

Once everything is planned, we are there for you to prepare and run the show. Our team is the first to arrive at the venue and the last to leave. From equipment load-in, setup and rehearsals to the show – we are there to take care of the slightest details, even those that you don’t notice. Last-minute change? No worries – we’ve got you covered. We want you to feel stress-free and focus on the things that really matter at the moment.

Rental and full technical support: audio, lighting, video, staging, set props, decorations, furniture

Every event is a unique experience and it happens only once in a given moment. That’s why we choose only the most reputable world-class brands when it comes to technical equipment. Having various PA and speaker systems, intelligent and conventional lighting, staging, rigging, and trussing, LED screens, projectors, cameras, media servers, scenography, furniture and miscellaneous items in our warehouse, gives us numerous possibilities to adjust to all venue types and achieve the best possible result.

Filming, video editing, content creation, animation

We are producing promotional and corporate videos, webinars, events, presentations, digital content for social networks, commercials, various 2D and 3D animations, and all that with professional quality and technology. Our video department has the equipment and expertise to produce your content cost-effectively.

Online events, broadcast and live streaming

Finding the right online event platform can be time consuming and expensive. Whether you need a classical broadcast, live stream, webinar or a completely tailor-made online event platform, we are there for you. We understand that the digital technologies can sometimes be confusing and complicated, but our team will make it as easily comprehensible as possible.