Counter-Strike: The World Championship

We’ve been the production team behind the CS World Championship tournament, held in Belgrade Arena. More than 90 national teams have competed in online qualifications, so the best gathered in Belgrade to compete for the title and lucrative prizes. We handled everything from stage design, to production management and execution. This is still the biggest and most complex esports event held in Serbia up to date.

WordCamp Europe

Every year the WordPress community is changing the location of their European event. We were pleased to host almost 2500 attendees from 76 countries during this three-day conference. With so many things happening at the same time, it was clear from the start that we’d have to use two of Belgrade’s biggest conference venues: BelExpo and Sava Center.

Once again, we were in charge of the complete event production, working more like a partner than as a typical vendor. Additionally, we’ve designed and produced several sponsor booths for renowned companies such as Google, PayPal, WooCommerce, Jetpack, and Bluehost.

Volvo Trucks: 20 Years in Serbia

It is not very common to see several trucks parked in front of the White Palace, Serbian royal residence. If we need to justify the act, it was done for a special occasion of celebrating 20 years of Volvo trucks in Serbia.

This event had three parts: welcome drinks in the front yard, an exhibition of Volvo’s historical development, and the main program taking place in the backyard of the Palace. The highlight of the production design was the assemblage of the stage in the shape of the Volvo logo.

As per the client’s request, to have an original entertainment element, we’ve produced a special percussion act performed on the spare parts of Volvo trucks by a group of musicians dressed as Vikings.

VIP Mobile: 10 Years in Serbia

VIP Mobile wanted to celebrate their 10th anniversary in Serbia in a less conventional way. We’ve produced this event in cooperation with VIP’s creative agency, Executive Group, who came up with this concept. 

Instead of a regular corporate event, they have decided to organize a festival. This event took place in a private outdoor location and had all the elements that make a good festival: a great lineup of popular rock bands, fire performers, Brazillian dancers, followed by a big number of interesting outdoor activations were a guarantee that the party is going to be more than successful. Many employees still consider this event as the company’s best event up to date.

AVON National Sales Conference

Every January, Avon is traditionally organizing their gala event for the best sellers. Since this is an annual event with a strict agenda, we’re always trying to reinvent our approach and make it look completely different. 

We’ve created an “infinity” tunnel with LED tubes that were pixel mapped for the welcome area. At the end of the tunnel, guests would find several activations and promo corners with brand new products that were just about to hit the market. We’ve designed and custom made all of these corners according to the company’s visual guidelines.

In the event area, our choice was to go with a fully projection-mapped scenography so we could completely change the atmosphere just by clicking a button. Also, we’ve directed and produced several special performances such as aerial silk act, pixel poi, contemporary dance, etc.

SAGA’s 30th Anniversary

Saga New Frontier Group celebrated the 30th anniversary with more than 2500 reputable guests. Since the company is the leader in the field of digital transformation in the Serbian market with a strong focus on the development and implementation of innovative solutions, it was clear that this event had to leave a strong impression on attendees. 

From the entrance, where projection-mapped the company logo so big it didn’t fit the regular truck, through the corridors with flowers and plants hanging from the ceiling, to the stage with a huge amount of lighting and video elements, the audience was enjoying the marvelous performance of RTS Big Band orchestra for the extra classy touch, and a well known Belgrade cover band “Electric Funx”, to keep the atmosphere boiling.

Tupperware Jubilee

Tupperware organized their 2019 annual “Jubilee” party for the CEE region in Belgrade. More than 520 guests from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, and Herzegovina and Serbia attended this amazing three-day event. 

Besides the regular event design, branding, technical support, and equipment rental, we were in charge of the entire logistics, local transportation, accommodation, hospitality, catering, entertainment, translation, gifts, etc.

MTS Zone, EXIT Festival

MTS zone at the EXIT festival has always been a great challenge. In partnership with McCann Erickson, each year we are trying to set the bar higher and make a stronger impact on visitors.

What inspired us for this activation was the sense of belonging hence the association was jungle, forest and tribe. We have designed, developed and produced a complex competition range with numerous obstacles, where visitors could freely test their skills and compete against each other. 

This was by far the most visited activation on the entire EXIT festival and many guests would come back for several attempts.

Heapcon Tech Conference

Heapcon is organized by one of the oldest IT communities – Heapspace, and they are regional leaders when it comes to gathering brilliant minds from all around the globe. Heapcon excels at providing an exceptional conference experience, and this is where we come to the stage. 

We are Heapcon’s reliable partner in event production, technical support, and branding.

Alma Quattro’s 25th Anniversary

AQ’s 25th-anniversary event was one of the most challenging ones we’ve produced by far. AQ is a member of the JCDecaux Group, the world’s largest outdoor advertising company, and is also a regional leader in this branch.

The client has put our focus on entertainment elements, so we’ve let our imagination run wild resulting in writing, directing and producing a personalized theater-like show in the SF comedy genre. We’ve teleported our audience to the 100th AQ’s anniversary aiming to see what the future of advertising holds. 

What marked this event was also the biggest screen Belgrade Expocenter has ever seen, a 50m wide monster made of large-scale projectors and central LED screen, giving the audience an impressive 9.888 pixels in width.